Dynaudio Xeo - Wireless High End

Dynaudio presents Xeo, the world's first wireless, remote controlled active speakers. Amplifiers, d/a-converters and speaker cables become expendable. Xeo is very easy to use and sounds awesomely brilliant.

Comprised of two models, the compact Xeo 3 bookshelf monitor and the slim Xeo 5 floor stander, the Xeo models are wireless, remote controlled active loudspeakers. The compact Xeo Transmitter receives music via several analogue and digital inputs and transmits it wirelessly to the powered Xeo loudspeakers. Everything else can easily done via the Xeo remote control. Powering the speakers on and off, setting the volume level and an audio source, or muting the sound.

A Xeo system can be expanded simply via additional Xeo loudspeakers, to bring your music wirelessly in a second or even a third room, with individual source selection. All this without any speaker cables or additional amplifiers. But with the full resolution of a CD.

The compact Xeo 3 bookshelf monitor and the slim Xeo 5 floor stander are wireless , remote controlled active loudspeakers, offering the convenience of wireless operation in a fully active loudspeaker concept with the sound quality that Dynaudio has become renowned for.

No loudspeaker cables, no D/A converters, no amplifiers, no set-up software, no plug-in or no IP address are needed: Unplug and play.