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The integration of the personal computer (PC) into the home stereo system has provided a revolutionary way to purchase, organize, and play your digital music collection. The Ayre QB-9 digital-to-audio (D/A) converter provides an equally revolutionary way to play back your music files with unprecedented fidelity and realism. Connected via the ubiquitous USB port, the QB-9 generates a fixed-frequency master audio clock and requests the data from the computer at the correct time for jitter-free playback of your music. This is all done using the standard device drivers supplied with all recent operating systems, allowing simple installation and operation with most computers. The QB-9 also utilizes opto-couplers to provide total electrical isolation for the connections between your computer and music system. This minimizes the introduction of unwanted radio-frequency interference (RFI), generated by all computers.




Classé audio is Canada’s leading maker of high-performance music and theater components. Since building our first amplifier in 1980, passion and dedication have inspired the research that yields Classé’s outstanding no-compromise electronics.

Classé components are developed by specialists covering a diverse array of disciplines, including analog and digital audio and video electronics, software and mechanical engineering and industrial design. Our electronics are designed for music and movie lovers who appreciate beauty and elegance in all its forms. Our performance goals can be summed up in a single word: fidelity. We strive for simplicity of operation and a refined appearance for all Classé components.

Classé manufacturing employs both automatic and manual assembly procedures. Quality is maintained by choosing the best process for the operation, followed by inspection and testing stages. Premium quality parts, in many cases made specifically for Classé, enhance both the performance and reliability of our components. We are as proud to make these wonderful instruments as our customers are to own them.

For those who invest in a Classé-based system, the entertainment experience can be truly breathtaking. Every Classé component is designed and built to last a lifetime; to engage and involve, long after its price is forgotten.

Audio Note - Music's finest conductor


Makers of the finest domestic audio reproduction equipment money can buy using the best available technology and the finest of components. Audio note is the largest European manufacturer of high performance audio with a worldwide distribution network.

Their product range is wide: they offer analogue and digital equipment, preamps, amplifiers, speakers, cables, product kits, capacitors, connectors, resistors, transformers,...


Pro-Ject Signature Turntables

Pro-ject signature

Signature is a non-compromise highend turntable that celebrates “20-years of Pro-Ject Audio Systems”. A highly sophisticated concept combines the mass-loaded principle with subchassis. Magnetic feet decouple the chassis from surface, “Sorbothanepillows” and a magnetic-floating platter guarantees an absolute quiet running turntable. A “flywheel” belt drive system ensures vibration-free running. The new single-pivot tonearm is a genuine Pro-Ject design. With its wide range of adjustment possibilities and the choice of adequate counterweights, nearly all cartridges can be mounted.

Signature is an audiophile marvel, that represents our championship in precision engineering and our deep love for music!


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Anthem MRX 700

MRX 700

As the bearer of the prestigious awards Home Theater TOP PICKS and Custom Retailer EXCITE Award, Anthem MRX 700 amplifier delivers nothing less than the best!

7 channels, 120 watts per channel of continuous power, play music from a flash drive or USB hard disk drive, Internet radio, HD radio, 3D ready, Anthem MDX 1 Dock coming soon!


3d ready

  • Anthem Quality!
  • Anthem Performance!
  • Exclusive Anthem Technology … like the award-winning Anthem Room Correction included (see more on ARC tab, above).
  • Price! Extraordinary for everything you get!
  • Power to spare! Every model offers 7 channels of power — more continuous power than anything in their price range: MRX 700: 120 watts per channel

… plus all the other stuff you really want to be able to do

  • Yes, you can play music from a flash drive or USB hard disk drive (MRX 700/500).
  • Yes, you can listen to Internet radio (MRX 700/500) via built-in ethernet port; HD radio too on the MRX 700.
  • Yes, they’re 3D ready.
  • Yes, they’re intuitive with user-friendly menus.

In the pipeline! Anthem MDX 1 Dock with on-screen display making navigating between devices easy!

made for Ipod


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