B&W 600 Series

683 Theatre

You might think that seeing a movie at home can never compare to seeing it at the cinema. Well, that’s what the B&W 600 Series is here for: to bring the big screen experience into your home. The 683 Theatre is the reference 600 Series home theatre system, put together to fill large, open spaces effortlessly with the richest, most realistic sound. Prepare yourself for the big sound experience, fronted by a pair of uncompromising 683 floorstanders and the HTM61 centre speaker. A pair of wall-mounted DS3 surround speakers provide the all-enveloping effect of sound from the rear positions, and, if there’s a scene with a helicopter landing or a bomb going off, an ASW610XP subwoofer will let you know about it. Think you saw and heard it all at the cinema? Think again.

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