PS Audio - Power Foundations are the key


The Power Plant technology was the foundation of PS Audio's first power product –  in 1997 – in the form of the P300 Power Plant. The P300 and its impact on the world of high-end audio is legendary and exemplified the value of leveraging a new approach to dealing with an old problem.

Power regenerators, that we make, are not conditioners. We make devices that provide clean power into your systems which is a major component in the quality of sound.

The PerfectWave P5 Power Plant takes your incoming AC power and converts it to DC, and then with patented PS Audio technology,  regenerates and amplifies new sine-wave-perfect, high current AC power.

New high current, ultra low distortion AC power created by Power Plant technology delivers stunning performance from your audio and video components.

By now of course, many reviewers as well as many thousands of customers around the world have experienced for themselves just how critical a Power Plant is; the term accessory doesn’t begin to describe its value. One of our customers, a long-time reviewer for one of the established audio journals, remarked about the Power Plant Premier that “Its the first component anyone serious about high-quality audio should get.”

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