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Makers of the finest domestic audio reproduction equipment money can buy using the best available technology and the finest of components. Audio note is the largest European manufacturer of high performance audio with a worldwide distribution network.

Their product range is wide: they offer analogue and digital equipment, preamps, amplifiers, speakers, cables, product kits, capacitors, connectors, resistors, transformers,...


Dynaudio Xeo - Wireless High End

Dynaudio presents Xeo, the world's first wireless, remote controlled active speakers. Amplifiers, d/a-converters and speaker cables become expendable. Xeo is very easy to use and sounds awesomely brilliant.

Comprised of two models, the compact Xeo 3 bookshelf monitor and the slim Xeo 5 floor stander, the Xeo models are wireless, remote controlled active loudspeakers. The compact Xeo Transmitter receives music via several analogue and digital inputs and transmits it wirelessly to the powered Xeo loudspeakers. Everything else can easily done via the Xeo remote control. Powering the speakers on and off, setting the volume level and an audio source, or muting the sound.

A Xeo system can be expanded simply via additional Xeo loudspeakers, to bring your music wirelessly in a second or even a third room, with individual source selection. All this without any speaker cables or additional amplifiers. But with the full resolution of a CD.

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Arcam rCube


rCube is a listening revolution, delivering high fidelity from a single, beautiful package that’s portable and has wireless audio streaming. rCube offers amazing sound from a cube smaller than a football. It's powerful enough for a party, but engineered to deliver exceptional clarity even at low volume. It uses cutting-edge technology and manufacturing excellence, as you'd expect from Arcam.

Using rCube

rCube is fully portable. You can move it from room to room, taking your music with you wherever you go.

Use it while you work - radio streamed over you network in your office

Use it while you play - while you cook, loll in a chair or relax in the bath

Use it anywhere - in the house, in the office, in the garden or at a picnic

The rCube’s powerful battery eliminates the need for messy wires and is easy to charge, just like a mobile phone. You can play music from your iPhone or iPod using rCube's dock. With the rWand dongle you can stream music wirelessly from your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

For music on a PC or Mac simply plug in the rWave USB dongle to wirelessly send music to the rCube.

Static systems pin you down, the rCube sets you, and your music, free. It's beautifully crafted to fit right in with any decor.

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Sonus Faber

Sonus Faber

Music reproduction as a special auditory occasion. Offering the emotional excitement of a pure musical event to every listening experience through reproduction instruments that let the entire expressive power of music envelop the ear. These are the aims with which we Sonus faber build our loudspeakers. Our projects draw inspiration from the construction criteria of the lute-maker's craft, as we are convinced that the quality characteristics of sound in a loudspeaker depend above all on the acoustic chamber - on its form and the materials it is made of - just like any other musical instrument.



Magnepan has manufactured full-range ribbon and planar stereo speakers for 40 years. Magneplanar home theater and stereo speakers have one common attribute: high resolution. High resolution in home theater speakers creates the same "magic" for home theater as music lovers have experienced from Magneplanar stereo speakers for the past 40 years. Check out a great review here.


Dynaudio - Authentic Fidelity

To Dynaudio, every music and movie enthusiast deserves the perfect quality in order to be fascinated by the Truth of Sound experience. Listening to sound reflected by Dynaudio speakers is something special, something you want to experience again; something that captivates you; something that offers you enjoyment and opens up a whole new sound dimension. Sound in life and life in Sound. It is this "truth of sound" in which the Dynaudio group specialises.




Harbeth was founded in 1977 to bring the BBC's pioneering loudspeaker designs to the serious listener. Today its speakers are the product of the longest-running science-based loudspeaker research programme ever undertaken. Crafted around a genuine engineering core, a Harbeth delivers accurate and involving sound at home or in the studio.

Owning a Harbeth is, and has always been, a life-changing experience and there's a model to perfectly match your listening environment and budget. Every Harbeth is hand assembled and individually tested here in Lindfield, England. Customer feedback over the past thirty-two years confirms ownership of Harbeth speakers as a truly greatest investment in serious listening.


B&W 802 Series


The 802D uses the same midrange and tweeter layout as the larger 800D and 801D, but its twin bass drivers are housed in a narrower and more compact cabinet, making it ideal for those listeners that value the detail and imaging of the larger systems, but prefer a smaller aspect.

Despite its smaller volume and footprint, the 802D actually yields surprisingly little to its larger brethren in terms of bass extension and there is ample output capability for the majority of applications.

Although the styling is clearly based on its predecessor, the Nautilus™ 802, it has been revised and enhanced by changes to the plinth, the underside of the cabinet and the way the tweeter sits on the midrange enclosure. For those who prefer to operate the speaker with the grille in place, its curving profile detail lifts the whole look of the cabinet.

All three models that have aluminium plinths are supplied with roller glides for easy manœuvrability. These may be replaced by optional heavy-duty feet if preferred. This new foot design is double-ended, with a spike for carpeted floors at one end and a clear, non-marking rubber pad at the other for more vulnerable surfaces. A total of 40mm (1.6 in) height adjustment is possible, which allows a few degrees of tilt if necessary.



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