Meridian Sooloos

The Meridian Sooloos system makes very powerful technologies transparent. Complexities fade away, so you can simply enjoy the music.

The touch-screen interface makes your collection easily manageable with intuitive simplicity and enormous power. It's designed with a deep understanding of music and delivers an experience that reflects the unique value your music library holds for you.

The components of your Meridian Sooloos system give you centralized access to your collection of CDs and digital audio files, at full lossless quality, wherever you need it.

The components discover one another automatically and require no configuration when attached to the same network, for easy setup and daily reliability.

From living room to kitchen, bedroom to patio, kids' rooms to media room, Meridian Sooloos lets you browse and play your central library throughout your home with simple setup, appliance-like reliability, and dependable, effortless backup.

And Meridian Sooloos will grow with you. When your needs change or we introduce new features in the ever-developing world of digital media, expansion is simply a matter of adding another component to your network.

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Grado Headphones

All Grado headphones have a vented diaphragm design that incorporates a large air chamber. This design concept lowers the frequency resonance (distortion) of the diaphragm and extends bass response. The diaphragm is made of a low mass polymer, carefully formed to broaden resonant modes to reduce their amplitude. The diaphragm mass is determined with the compliance of the suspension in mind so that the desired low frequency resonance is achieved. The diaphragm's total mass is calculated to provide a full 20 KHZ bandwidth, while avoiding break-up at lower frequencies.

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Wadia i Transport


The iTransport is the first ever component specifically designed to transform your iPod into a high-resolution audio/video media server. The iTransport combines the convenience of personal audio with the performance and connectivity of your home audio/video system, delivering bit-perfect digital audio signal via S/PDIF coaxial (RCA) output, DVD quality video via component outputs, and built on a sleek aluminum chassis. When the iPod docks with iTransport, the iPod transforms into an audiophile-grade media server that rivals some of the top performing digital source components available. Experience the iTransport for yourself in store!

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