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Limited HW-40 ​Anniversary 

Harry Weisfeld's 2012 "Classic Direct" direct drive turntable was an outstanding technical achievement, earning Stereophile Magazine's Class A+ rating. This award-winning table was loosely based on the VPI Classic Series table technology and included a thick aluminum plinth and armboard and an inverted platter bearing riding on a PEEK thrust disc. Combined with a cutting-edge BLDC direct drive motor, the CLASSIC DIRECT was created. The Classic Direct provided a stable, solid foundation for the music, allowing the listener to hear deeply into the recorded grooves to the treasures buried with-in!

Designing a new turntable to celebrate VPI's 40th anniversary provided VPI an opportunity to update the direct drive motor technology to incorporate advances in motion control and materials technologies.


       Turntable Features

  • Fatboy Anniversary Tonearm.
  • Nordost Reference Wire.
  • Direct Drive Motor.
  • New VTA Base on the Fly.
  • Dustcover Included.
  • Internal Circuitry and Power.
  • Made in the USA.
  • 5 Year Warranty.