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The TEAC AG-H600NT receiver joins old and new technologies into an audio system that can play any format, with the sound quality to present every note. It incorporates analog inputs – including phono, CD and AUX – as well as digital sources like a digital input for your iPod and streaming playback from internet radio stations. An AM/FM tuner is also provided with 60 presets. The iPhone/iPod input, when connected with the optional DS-20 docking station, grabs the digital signal from your portable device, bypassing the analog electronics for the best sound quality possible.

The AG-H600NT connects to over 10,000 internet radio stations through the vTuner website. It connects via your network through either a wired or wireless connection, and recognizes MP3, WMA or RealAudio streaming files. A wireless remote control commands not only the receiver but the rest of your TEAC components as well.

The amplifier section on the AG-H600NT was carefully built to reproduce every detail of your music. A large toroidal power transformer delivers ample current to the heart of the amplifier, and a Schottky barrier diode in the rectifier increases efficiency and offers extraordinarily fast reaction to sudden transients. The result is 75W per channel of clean amplification for detailed playback.

For the highest quality playback of audio formats old and new, the TEAC AG-H600NT is the obvious choice.